I cannot believe it, I have never had to bring my dog to a kennel and this is no kennel!! This is a house with an amazing family where the dogs have the run of the place indoors and out. My dog slept on a queen size bed in their guest bedroom specifically for dogs all week, huge fenced in yard, dog kiddie pools, a pond, surrounded by dense forest and a nature preserve. What an amazing family and an amazing price. My dog actually was acting like he didn't want to leave when I came to pick him up a week later. I drove from West Palm beach because I didn't find anywhere nearly as accommodating in my own town, I am so impressed and was allowed extreme peace of mind while on my own vacation, couldn't have asked for more and they even gave us a goodie bag when we left, so cool!!! I will tell everyone I know that this place truly is doggie heaven!!!!!!! Thank you Grace and family, you guys rock!!!!!! xoxo

By Rebecca

A resort for your dogs!

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There is no place better for dogs than Happy Paws! It's unbelievable to have found, literally, a 'home away from home' for our 4. Kate, Sierra, Padme, and Digby absolutely love it there, and (luckily for them) Jesse and Gail and Tom treat them as if they were their own dogs. They get fed and snacked just perfectly, with their own food, and they get to play and swim and sleep, just as if they were kids at sleep-away camp. We've boarded dogs since 1986, and we've never felt more confident that they were in good hands than we do when they are at Happy Paws. Then, when they come home, they are happy and relaxed. THANK YOU ALL!

By Jane S.

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Thank you for taking such wonderful care of our 2 dogs! Sydnee has never been away from her home, she's a nervous girl and at her age (13 yrs), I wasn't sure how she would do...she came home smiling! Thanks for treating her so special. Crosby is a ball of puppy energy and he had the opportunity to run and play with Jake and the other dogs. We brought him home and he didn't open his eyes for hours...we aren't sure if he's depressed that he had to leave the ranch or just plain tired out from all the fun! The portraits of them are beautiful, what a gift! Thanks again for the peace of mind given to our family, leaving the pups in your care...they can't wait for our next vacation!

By Nikki K.

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Our puppy Sampson was just under 11 months old when we found Happy Paws Ranch. We had to leave him for 9 days but were sp nervous since we had never left him before. We visited the ranch and instantly, my husband and I knew this was the place we would leave our baby. Gayle was so warm and kind and answered every one of our questions. The house was clean and I loved the kiddie pools she had out back for the dogs to play or cool off in. She would talk about the dogs that she cares for like they were her own, which convinced me that she, Mike and Jesse do this because they really enjoy it and that was important to us. We left him there for 9 days and when we returned, Sampson was happy to see us but I honestly felt bad that we would be taking him away from his new friends. It took about 3 days for him to get back to his usual, energetic self - he came home sooo exhausted! We highly recommend Happy Paws Ranch, they are the best in doggie boarding!

By Tricia H.

Cage Free Dog Boarding in Fort Myers

We had never "boarded" our golden with anyone before - have only left her with family. Happy Paws Ranch is just like that - like you are leaving your "babies" with family. The place is amazing - just like a resort for dogs - swimming pools, lots of grass to run in, shade trees - what more could they want.

Gayle, Mike and Jesse welcome these dogs into their home and treat them all as if they are their own. What peace of mind it was for us to go out of town and know that she was well taken care of.

I will be recommending them to everyone I know! Thank you to Happy Paws Ranch for taking such good care of our girl Maya!