All guests are required to be spayed/neutered, current on vaccinations and friendly. Thank you all for voting us BEST in the dog boarding and kennels category for the Fort Myers Biz List!!

Every dog is fed their own food, to prevent digestive upsets, and fed separately, given adequate time to enjoy their meals. All bowls and utensils are washed after each use.

Hunter Total Air Care HEPA Air Purifiers are always in use indoors, eliminating 99.9 % of airborne particles such as mold, dust and pollen and reducing the presence of bacteria.​

About Happy Paws

The entire grounds are under contract with Fort Myers Pest Control using pet friendly products. This enables our guests to run, play and rest on the grass without the worry of being bitten or stung by unwanted insects.​

Proud sponsors of ASPCA
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During their stay, your dog becomes part of our family. We live with, and take pride in, personally caring for your four legged family member throughout their time with us.

We accept a limited number of dogs ensuring that each guest receives an abundance of loving attention. Our guests play freely during the day in large fenced exercise yards, romping in the kiddy pools, napping in the shade, and enjoying their new friends. When the day is over and the pups are tired, the nights are spent cuddling on the sofas, watching Animal Planet or listening to soothing music.

We strive to make every guest safe and happy

Proud recipients of the Award for Excellence.

Thank you for voting us BEST in the dog boarding and kennels category for the Fort Myers Biz List.

Cage Free Dog Boarding in Fort Myers

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